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Sleeping pill didnt work for the first time    05/21/18  (24)
ITT we predict which Obama Admin / Deep State senior officials will go to prison    05/21/18  (14)
Trumpmos, get ready to lose your shit    05/21/18  (10)
Two little rats fell into a bucket of cream. One rat spun the cream into butter    05/21/18  (9)
I hate jinx more than anything but I bet 10k on Cleveland in Game 4 tomorrow    05/21/18  (9)
Trump should pardon Obama    05/21/18  (8)
So libs are mostly having "Revenge of the Nerds" type fantasies about Donald?    05/21/18  (7)
Airships blaring weaponized classical music from coast to coast    05/21/18  (6)
Movie idea: four younger sisters not allowed to date until oldest one does    05/21/18  (6)
Trucking company hit with 90mm verdict over fatal crash    05/21/18  (6)
no fucking idea how I havent killed anyone or myself yet    05/21/18  (5)
come back freddie    05/21/18  (5)
Re: Schlossberg, what the right is really mad about is that the left has the num    05/21/18  (4)
don't believe incels    05/21/18  (4)
I once fooled a native Russian speaker with an evan39 "Zhmodolokov missile" post    05/21/18  (4)
Tinder is a freakshow of wine shrews and septum piercings    05/21/18  (4)
Daily Stoic, 5/21/18    05/21/18  (4)
EAT | SHIT | DIE    05/21/18  (4)
Lmao is you think a DC jury will convict anyone for "spying" on Trump    05/21/18  (3)
RATE this photo of xo poaster urinating in airplane cabin    05/21/18  (3)
Why did petumkin used to talk about Albania before arkan even showed up    05/21/18  (3)
The matter of the racist lawyer has now entirely blown over.    05/21/18  (3)
From Blue Smoke to Purple Drank: An Autoadmit Saga    05/21/18  (3)
"oh wow I wonder how Hitchens would have reacted to this"    05/21/18  (3)
ggtp    05/21/18  (3)
Cartels are right: the prospect of torture before death scarier than death    05/21/18  (3)
Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all [The Hill]    05/21/18  (2)
Sistine chapel ceiling but its Scott Stapp and John Rocker    05/21/18  (2)
In dire need of scholarship on black anality this AM    05/21/18  (2)
From Blue Smoke to Purple Rain: A Fentanyl Saga    05/21/18  (2)
Why I didn't buy a GameCube    05/21/18  (2)
The unbridled excitement of a prole in an airport heading to the Mexican riviera    05/21/18  (2)
A chaotic revolution that leaves sales as compliance and back office as front of    05/21/18  (2)
Manchester by the Sea but it's JCM serving hot shots to tranny gf    05/21/18  (2)
R. Halford = Al Horford    05/21/18  (2)
ancient retarded dumb fucking shit superstitions running the show    05/21/18  (2)
1994: Friends; 2018: Dear White People    05/21/18  (2)
Introduced a legit hardcore thug to peter northism. response: "Word."    05/21/18  (2)
Freedom is indivisible- when one Palestinian heart beats, all are Holocaust -JFK    05/21/18  (2)
Biz Idea: Diaper that vibrates when your poasts get bumped    05/21/18  (2)
are japanese "herbivore" men as angry as american incels?    05/21/18  (1)
Lawrence Tribe: spying on Trump totally normal and ok    05/21/18  (1)
Just took a shit on "Princess" Markle's face (TURD SANDWICH)    05/21/18  (1)
Meghan Markle having high tea with TURD SANDWICH    05/21/18  (1)
The Man-Date of Heaven: A JJC/nyuug slash fic    05/21/18  (1)
Mueller: "our investigation should be rapping up after midterm elections. hehe"    05/21/18  (1)
Trump attacking the former CIA Director before heading to Langley for Haspels    05/21/18  (1)
mr. jinx is opening up a trampoline park and authorities are keeping a close eye    05/21/18  (1)
Rate these chads who nearly fought off Cougar before one of them was killed    05/21/18  (1)
big cats    05/21/18  (1)