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This white girl goes from a 5 to a 7 with makeup    06/26/17  (67)
On track to retire before 35    06/25/17  (38)
Why do pumos think anyone gives a fuck what they have to say? Ljl at these gooks    06/25/17  (19)
Explain to me why I'm 5 why anyone would ever actually use Crypto Currency?    06/25/17  (19)
what did you score on the MBE    06/25/17  (19)
have to take a bar exam in 4 weeks and haven't studied. should i kill myself    06/25/17  (16)
***Official AutoAdmit ETH Suicide Thread***    06/26/17  (11)
Been doing tren for 6 weeks, rate my gains (sharklasers)    06/25/17  (7)
Family kills health guide dog do it could be buried with dead blind owner.    06/25/17  (7)
what are the most and least prestigious asian hairstyles?    06/25/17  (6)
N Harbor Blvd & W Hazard Ave in Orange County, CA = 180 escorts    06/25/17  (5)
The Next Ariana Grande - Isabela Moner    06/25/17  (4)
not drinking until the bar exam    06/25/17  (3)
Why do baby boomers have so much comma splices in their writing    06/26/17  (2)
I am results-oriented    06/26/17  (2)
Easiest way to make money is rip off olds.    06/25/17  (2)
Women create a narrative and then follow it for a while    06/25/17  (2)
Attached please find our markup of the Project MEATBONE purchase agreement    06/26/17  (1)
Ppl who say "there are haves and have nots" are morons    06/26/17  (1)
Sales is a recession proof job    06/26/17  (1)
We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much ETH    06/25/17  (1)
GEDless blacks making 80,000 at MTA while asian dentists with 0.5 million debt    06/25/17  (1)
A&E and HGTV teaming up to make Dog the House Hunter    06/25/17  (1)