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Most sad case! thing about nyuug is he doesn't love women, in fact HATES them    12/17/17  (19)
I hear a lot of girl empowerment pop songs at gym    12/17/17  (9)
Sports announcers need to incorporate "bag him & tag him!" into their commentary    12/17/17  (1)
"Good to the last drop" is the boomer slogan    12/17/17  (1)
Has nyuug gotten pwnd more than any poster in history?    12/17/17  (3)
Lol so this is the GOAT QB?    12/17/17  (52)
Cryptocurrency is financial populism and it's not going away    12/17/17  (29)
Did anyone else think it was "Travis Smiley" all this time?    12/17/17  (3)
Why did Trump campaign on wild promises he couldn't keep?    12/17/17  (4)
you need to grow up and be an adult *watches men in tight pants play grabass*    12/17/17  (2)
rate this tinder msg from 23 yo white girl    12/17/17  (16)
Fellow Trumpmos: ne1 worried a tsunami of Trump hatred will destroy all in 2018?    12/17/17  (5)
Trump tax cuts couldnt be better timed for crypto    12/17/17  (15)
What are these flashing multi-colored orbs that people are seeing?    12/17/17  (8)
60 Minutes story on McKesson - GC always wins hahaha, just step over the corpses    12/17/17  (8)
concerned about spaceporn's deteriorating executive function    12/17/17  (5)
A Good Video about Law School    12/17/17  (5)
Mark Hamill "I fundamentally disagree with every choice you've made for Luke    12/17/17  (2)
quitting law & xo, dropping off face of earth    12/17/17  (7)
Tech isnt so bad. Getting paid $600 to make xamarin login page tomorrow    12/17/17  (1)
ITT: we poast vids of people getting roasted on powerlines & cables    12/17/17  (241)
MFH is hell unless you are rich    12/17/17  (6)
Have those Volokh dorks posted about KOZ? Can't waste my WaPo freeviews    12/17/17  (2)
I am morally opposed to the death penalty. Except for Dylan Roof. (libs    12/17/17  (10)
nutella: we don't need a weed whacker (husband spinning in circles with 35" cock    12/17/17  (24)
Dylan Roof suffers anal relapse after prison gang rape (link)    12/17/17  (7)
"This is probably a retarded jmaw thread but I'll click any way." *click* "Ugh."    12/17/17  (7)
Seahawks are cursed with injuries & losses due to embracing SJW BLM faggotry ljl    12/17/17  (11)
literal idiots are selling BTC for inflationary alt-scam USD    12/17/17  (6)
Dylan Roof is my hero    12/17/17  (3)
Sucks that Dylan roof will have to stand trial. Killing niggers is never wrong    12/17/17  (7)
I am way cooler than RSF.    12/17/17  (1)
you dont understand honey, if i took my profits theyd call me a 'sellcuck'    12/17/17  (25)
johnny manziel wins $37 million in Chile lottery    12/17/17  (3)
if i wanted to make single use physical currency    12/17/17  (5)
Dont worry Pats haters, Pats may not end up with #1seed    12/17/17  (1)
Lmao this lawyer on instagram has xo open in the background    12/17/17  (3)
"911? My Asian friend can't breathe. Yes, it was milk."    12/17/17  (84)
Fun watching sportscucks get riled up and twist each other's IPA titties.    12/17/17  (3)
Trump Jr. Destroys Senator Feinstein on Twitter    12/17/17  (2)
LJL I ordered a crossbow on Amazon    12/17/17  (1)
If my coinbase USD wallet is funded and I place a limit buy order on gdax    12/17/17  (8)
Adam Driver only makes like $500k per film, how can he afford to live in L.A.?    12/17/17  (6)
Law School Orientation Video: A look inside the minds of millenials    12/17/17  (3)
I laughed at "ropes flying fast from an unsheathed frank" about 10 times today    12/17/17  (3)
The Lonely wear thongs . . . For easy access to Dat Ass    12/17/17  (1)
My 2017 was in some ways my most successful year ever IRL    12/17/17  (9)
Book it: Jared Goff will be a bust in the NFL    12/17/17  (46)
My parents want me to work for the government TEDCRUZtp    12/17/17  (7)
Remember what happened to Leia after that glass ceiling broke?    12/17/17  (1)
"Why couldn't I have a son like you?" RSF's dad to garbage collector.    12/17/17  (5)
went to gook church tonight. All the kids all chingchonging and shit.    12/17/17  (1)
Haircuts are expensive as fuck. $18.25 at supercuts.    12/17/17  (15)
RSF Sr on death bed "your faults as a son, is my failure as a father"    12/17/17  (1)
peterman's stepdad beating the shit out of his mom, wiping his ass w/ baby pic    12/17/17  (7)
Millennial generation doesnt have to work. It just has to keep making new crypto    12/17/17  (12)
RATE these sleeve reviews    12/17/17  (24)
It's true. Bowlcuts. Milk allergies. Pillow girlfriends. All of it.    12/17/17  (61)
Researching UFOs, watching Pats-Steelers, & huffing paint thinner. FUCK LIBS.    12/17/17  (7)
I only wear thongs. Easy access to my ass. Bet you never thought of that    12/17/17  (29)
Why did Papa RSF buttrape baby RSFbro?    12/17/17  (2)
Any partners here specialize in aviation and commercial litigation? Have some Qs    12/17/17  (2)
who has the better jawline, career, facial asthetics?    12/17/17  (3)
Do u guys give ur barber an Xmas gift?    12/17/17  (8)
There will never be a more poignant album than The Family Jewels    12/17/17  (1)
Have gone NOPOISON all month, LJL at how much $ saved    12/17/17  (20)
RSF dad furious ppl survive plane crashes due to xo advice    12/17/17  (9)
What are you getting your parents for XMAS?    12/17/17  (3)
a pale irish girl, boiling potatoes for an asian man at breakfas    12/17/17  (258)
Lib Teachers tell 1st graders Santa Claus doesn't exist to fight white supremacy    12/17/17  (3)
RSF Sr. gazes at his son's make believe partner profile on firm website, sighs.    12/17/17  (1)
My dad jizzed inside me when I was 5. I didn't cry though. I took it like a man.    12/17/17  (24)
Where's thread where Han Solo tells Kylo Ren to take off his posers?    12/17/17  (1)
Why is CSLG so impressed with himself? V100 partner makes 2x he does    12/17/17  (146)
Flat earth is fuckin' amazing    12/17/17  (156)
Do you guys really let politics damper your enjoyment of a movie    12/17/17  (36)
RSF has done more to benefit Asian men than UVT/NYUUG/JJC combined (DTP)    12/17/17  (18)
How to delete zozo from phone?    12/17/17  (4)
One of the stable of alts finally revealed!    12/17/17  (91)
Inventor of the word 'sellcuck' here. Receiving praise and ETH donations ITT    12/17/17  (11)
Decided to start a Godsmack cover band with a couple other shitlawyers    12/17/17  (5)
evan39 should we "punish" whores with giant nigger cocks    12/17/17  (37)
RSF is a fucking bitch who would get his ass beat by JJC IRL    12/17/17  (73)
"I ARPHA NOW?" Watchmen shrieked as I fed a 9th silk shirt to his hungry asshole    12/17/17  (84)
Partner: "Why does Xi's declaration have a bunch of Rs where they should be Ls?"    12/17/17  (3)
Dumb cunt from CNN calls basketball fan in bacon suit anti-semitic    12/17/17  (8)
Btc crashing lmaooooooo    12/17/17  (1)
Thinking of cutting off communication with my dad    12/17/17  (68)
Who the fuck is ALYSSA MILANO?    12/17/17  (10)
Ted Cruz ANNIHILATES Luke Skywalker re: Net Neutrality (link)    12/17/17  (1)
My job is shit been there about half a year when can i start looking?    12/17/17  (4)
You begrudgingly introducing your son and his husband.    12/17/17  (1)
"Honey why are u searching 'giant nigger cocks'?" "You see it's a law board and    12/17/17  (8)
So FPLB = gay muslim apologist?    12/17/17  (3)
"Honey, the Comcast bill says we need to buy to the racist chatbort package?"    12/17/17  (3)
"Honey, come look! Penisnigger TP blank-bumped my crypto thread!"    12/17/17  (2)
I think of :D as our board Matt Druge and Bboooom as resident retard    12/17/17  (2)
Was The Last Jedi just a rehash of Empire like TFA was with A New Hope?    12/17/17  (5)
What is the best non stick pan    12/17/17  (4)
Matt Damon story reads like fake news article    12/17/17  (35)
What's the point of being rich and famous now if you can't harass subordinates?    12/17/17  (7)
HONESTY | HARD WORK | CARDANO    12/17/17  (1)
Dragon Blade (2015) starring Jackie Chan, John Cusack and Adrien Brody    12/17/17  (1)
How does one join the crypto Slack?    12/17/17  (33)
Pentagon: UFOs have been congregating at truck stops then flying away fast    12/17/17  (3)
screen 1: "Declaration for Plaintiff.docx" screen 2: "getting pregnant after 35"    12/17/17  (1)
sign in London advocates sex with refugees    12/17/17  (38)
IVF doctor: "so why are u here?" Julia: "I'm impregnable"    12/17/17  (37)
Bros I've developed an infatuation with a girl on the internet    12/17/17  (18)
Drank a lot of poison every day this weekend, easy to see how people slip into    12/17/17  (20)
How does state tax work if you move midyear?    12/17/17  (26)
nyuug are you allowed to vote in Korean elections?    12/17/17  (23)
Can we talk about how FUCK LIBS mission bbq is?    12/17/17  (8)
I don't fight, I pop    12/17/17  (2)
Wilbur Mercer would make a great Mormon    12/17/17  (6)
Heraclawman8 diverts river to clean Aegean stable of alts    12/17/17  (2)
Space trucker docks in at Flying J orbiting refueling station    12/17/17  (7)
Gronk reminds me of FSU bros    12/17/17  (2)
Should I put an action figure of Ken Griffey jr on my desk    12/17/17  (1)
Tom Brady is a confirmed GOD    12/17/17  (5)
Christmas carp u wanna roll around in the AssFaggot moniker for a while?    12/17/17  (12)
rail-thin iron-deficient tired hot girls like fiona apple in criminal vid    12/17/17  (11)
Is it true, that a playboy bunny once posted here    12/17/17  (1)
What will be the next MEGA DISASTER?    12/17/17  (8)
Seeing lib Star Wars today, how awful will it be?    12/17/17  (28)
My best friend is dating a chick 10 years his junior, so happy for him    12/17/17  (1)
Rate this lot lizard    12/17/17  (7)
So, wait, is this N. Korea shit real?    12/17/17  (84)
so america 2017: be over 6'0 plus make a pun = get laid?    12/17/17  (4)
Colt eating a deli-style Ruben he purchased at Subway    12/17/17  (11)
I hate my genetic lineage and ancestry    12/17/17  (4)
Anyone watch ERASED on Netflix ?    12/17/17  (1)
you KNOW the economy is good when bodegas have five peasants behind the counter    12/17/17  (1)
Alright Judge, what did you mean when you blank bumped, "#metoo slut"    12/17/17  (1)
I don't believe John Wick can fight that many people without getting tired    12/17/17  (2)
Does anyone still use windows 7?    12/17/17  (5)
Lol at Corp slave and TTT pats    12/17/17  (3)
Contradiction in xo investment behavior: will concentrate in bitcoin but    12/17/17  (3)
LOLOLOLOLOL FUCK YOU ALL EAT MY SHIT (corporate slave)    12/17/17  (1)
Another good Millennials are totally fucked article    12/17/17  (126)
WTF tomlin?!?!    12/17/17  (1)
lmao. fuck you, Brady    12/17/17  (3)
New investment returns on portfolios is like 4%; Millennials simply wont retire    12/17/17  (7)
j maw prepares dab rig for round #2 as lisa rowe begs someone to take her to ER    12/17/17  (5)
Literally a crime against humanity that Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't reduced to porn    12/17/17  (8)
today in black crime in the Bay area, II    12/17/17  (95)

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